The art of the perfect meal isn’t as simple as you might think. A well-balanced lunch or dinner is a thing of skill, and our food pros are here to guide you through. Whatever you’re craving at Marker 32, it’s important to plan out your meal to best appreciate the flavors. Next time you cook a nice dinner at home or head out to a restaurant, keep these important meal pairing tips in mind:

Start with the Main Event in Mind

The entree is always the star of the show. Before you even place your drink order, it’s always smart to take inventory of the menu. Everything you order before and after the main course should complement the dish’s flavor profiles.


Account for saltiness and prominent ingredients. Restaurants always offer a list of sides that complement a variety of dishes on the menu. If you’re unsure what will pair best, a side salad or roasted vegetables are safe bets (unless you order an entree salad, of course!)

Balance Your Greens, Grains and Protein

When was the last time you looked at that favored food pyramid from elementary school? There’s still a whole lot of truth in the stacked boxes of different sizes. A good rule of thumb is that two-thirds of your plate should include a protein, one-third a green vegetable and one-third a healthy carbohydrate.


Many main courses already come with a side dish or two. Pay close attention to the dish description before you opt for additional sides. Many of Marker 32’s plates and coastal classics come pre-paired with the ideal accoutrements. We offer a variety of side dishes that are best shared amongst the whole table.

A Few of Our Favorite Pairings to Sample this Summer

Sample Menu #1

Syrah or Cabernet

Artisan Cheese Platter

Bistro Steak (comes with truffled arugula and pecorino fries)

Asparagus for the table

Blueberry Crisp


Sample Menu #2

Sauvignon Blanc

Warm Spinach Salad

Local Catch Hoppin’ John (comes with black eyed peas, basil pesto rice, tomato compote)

Seasonal vegetables for the table

Key Lime Cheesecake

Book Your Reservation or Place a To-Go Order With Us

We understand the uncertainty of dining in public these days. While our team takes every precaution possible and follows the CDC guidelines, we understand the desire to stay in. The good news is, our to-go food is just as good as our waterfront dining option.

Whichever you prefer, we’re here to serve you. Book your dinner reservation today or give us a call to place your takeout order.