Everyone who bites into a juicy cut of steak knows there’s a huge difference between a good cut and a cheap cut. While there are many budget choices that yield delicious results, it’s important to know your options before heading to the grocery store. From flatiron to flank, our expert chefs at Marker 32 are here to help you navigate the irresistible world of red meat:

Filet Mignon

Alternative names: beef tenderloin, filet de boeuf

Let’s start with the obvious. Decadent restaurants around the world serve filet to discerning diners, and for obvious reasons. The buttery, soft texture of a cooked filet mignon makes even the dullest steak knives look impressive. Filet is a solid steak choice if you prefer little to no fat and a hearty, subdued flavor.

New York Strip

Alternative names: sirloin steak, shell steak, Kansas City steak

Think of this expert cut as the less expensive cousin to filet mignon. It’s more approachable but achieves its lower price tag though a couple of trade-offs. It’s not juicy like the fatty ribeye or buttery like the filet — new york strips can easily become chewy due to their lack of marbling if cooked incorrectly. We love this cut for weeknight dinners and home-cooks who know their way around a grill.


Alternative names: Tomahawk, cowboy, Delmonico

This is a favorite around Marker 32. You can order this cut bone-in (often dubbed a cowboy ribeye) or boneless. The bone may seem like an obstacle when cutting, but all that flavorful gristle makes it worth the extra work. It’s that marbled fat in and around the ribeye that makes this coveted cut a winner in our books.


Alternative names: London broil

Grillmasters everywhere know this piece of meat like the back of their hands. Whether you top it with chimichurri or marinade it to perfection, flank steak is an affordable cut that can be oh so flavorful. There are only two things you need to know before cooking a flank steak: never cook past medium-rare and always thinly slice against the grain. The size of this fibrous cut makes it the perfect addition to any summer spread.

Indulge in Irresistible Steaks at Marker 32

Pro-level preparations of top-quality meat are one of the true joys in life. Our Marker 32 team of meat and fish connoisseurs are guaranteed to introduce you to your new favorite meal. A couple of steaks to look forward to on your next visit:

  • Seared Filet Mignon: mushroom risotto/ grilled asparagus/ brandy veal jus
  • Bistro Steak: 8 oz. sirloin/peppercorn demi/truffled arugula and pecorino fries


Marker 32 is the best choice you can make for dine-in or take-out. We’re here with fresh, locally sourced meals through every step of quarantine and the times to come. Contact us today to book your reservation or place a to-go order.