Believe it or not, a gourmet meal involves so much for than just great-tasting food. Expert chefs and leading kitchen teams put plenty of emotion and effort into creating the perfect dish. Gourmet dining requires exquisite plating, unique flavors and perfect portions. Marker 32 takes special care in curating our offerings. Explore our favorite ways to elevate entrees for visitors like you.

Focus on Seasonal Ingredients to Amplify Flavor

It’s just a fact that fresh, in-season produce and seafood tastes and looks better. A great way to elevate any at-home dining experience is to pay homage to the season outside. Bright citrus, fresh mint and bold basil scream summer. On the flipside, spicy cinnamon, sweet maple and earthy root vegetables are especially tasty in the fall.


Everything from your cocktails to your garnishes should feature readily available ingredients. Wow your guests (even if that’s just your kiddos!) with ingredients bursting in flavor, color and texture.

Leading Chefs Use 2+ Sauces for Each Entree

Powerful flavors make for a fabulous dinner. Do a bit of research to understand the best way to marry different flavor profiles, temperatures and textures. Cream-based sauces often work well with vinegar-based sauces, but only when treated with the utmost care.


If you crave exquisite flavor pairings presented in unique yet approachable dishes, Marker 32 is the spot for you. We recommend the Burrata of the Moment and Grilled New Zealand Lamb Chops for your fall dining experience.

Indulgent Dishes Rarely Start with Calories in Mind

We hate to break it to you, but some of the best food on the planet features butter, salt and heavy cream. Gourmet cooking originates in beautiful countries like France and Italy. Centuries of experimenting with ingredients and techniques have led us to some of our favorite dishes we eat today.


If you’re new to gourmet cooking, we recommend following a trusted recipe at first. Once you’re familiar with the ingredients and preparation, have a little fun and make it your own. Don’t skimp on calorie-heavy ingredients. Understand that gourmet meals aren’t usually a daily occurrence, so it’s ok to splurge and eat something wonderful.

Experience Gourmet Food in a Waterfront Setting at Marker 32

We love serving great food to guests like you all year-’round. Whether you pop in for a simple cocktail or stay for a multi-course meal, our team is here with seasonal favorites you’ll love. If you plan to visit us during the holiday season, we highly recommend making a reservation. We look forward to seeing you soon.