Your options are endless when it comes to preparing this classic comfort food. Lamb chops have satisfied cravings for centuries, with grilled lamb chops being the fan-favorite preparation. If you want to give this dish a try in the new year, the Marker 32 chef professionals are here with a little guidance to get you started.

Start with a Simple Preparation to Master the Basics

Walk before you run is a great rule of thumb when cooking a new kind of meat. Grilled lamb chops are by no means a complicated dish to prepare, but the few steps involved must be perfectly executed.

Start your prep by creating a simple paste to flavor the chops. Combine 2 garlic cloves, 1 teaspoon fresh thyme, 1 tablespoon fresh rosemary, a dash of paprika and salt in a food processor. Pulse. Slowly pour 2 tablespoons of olive oil into the food processor and pulse to create the paste.

Rub the paste all over the meat and marinate for 45 minutes in the fridge. Remove the meat and bring it to room temperature (about 30 minutes).

Get the Grill Nice and Hot Before You Throw on the Chops

No matter what kind of grill you use, it’s important to get the surface sizzling hot. The best time to add the lamb chops is right before the grill begins to smoke. The perfect temperature is key to getting that nice sear on the outside while maintaining a tender, juicy center.

We can’t give you a specific time to cook the meat. It all comes down to the thickness of the cut and the type of grill you use. Although, we can tell you to invest in a meat thermometer. Once you do, it’s easy to check the doneness of your lamb chops. 110-degrees for rare, 130-degrees for medium-rare and 150-degrees for medium.

Sear the meat on one side for about two minutes and the other side for about three minutes. Use your fancy new meat thermometer to check the doneness once you flip the chop.

Serve it Up with the Right Accoutrements

We serve ours juuuust right at Marker 32 (in our very humble opinion). If you want to see how the gourmet chefs do it, just stop by Marker 32. We serve our grilled lamb chop with a harissa rub, oyster mushrooms, roasted leeks and a purple potato puree.

Most home cooks would probably serve theirs a bit differently. If you don’t even know where to source purple potatoes, there are far simpler pairings for your lamb. Couscous, mashed potatoes or rosemary smashed potatoes make great starchy sides. Add in a green vegetable and some mint jelly for a plate made in heaven.

Come give our lamb chop a try! Book your reservation at Marker 32 here.