Low-carb definitely doesn’t mean no-carb, but it’s always a good idea to veer toward fresh, healthy seafood, meat and produce. Although not all carbs are processed, they can have the same effect and ultimately don’t have as much flavor and freshness as seafood and veggies. Marker 32 features seasonal seafood and produce, so sticking with good-for-you food while dining with us is simple.


Fresh Catch of the Day


The easiest and most delicious way to avoid carbs at a restaurant is to focus on the fresh seafood on the menu. Lucky for us (and you!), some of the best shrimp in Florida comes from Mayport which is just a couple miles down the road from Marker 32. Local is seafood is definitely the best seafood and we like to keep it carb-free by preparing each dish boiled, blackened or grilled. These preparations honor the delicious taste of seafood and stick to the low-carb diet.


Complimentary Veggies


Nothing screams low-carb like vegetables. The best way to enjoy your veggies and forget all about those carbs is to order fresh vegetables that compliment your main entree. Since you’re dining at a seafood restaurant, we have a few side dish ideas in mind that’ll pair best with your main course. Perfectly seasoned peppers, snap peas, carrots and/or  broccoli pair wonderfully during the summer with shrimp or the fresh catch of the day. These flavors harmonize well together and will make you forget all about bread and potatoes.


Sub Out the Carbs


Jacksonville locals just can’t get enough of their tacos. Unfortunately, tortillas aren’t necessarily diet-friendly. In order to avoid the carbs, we suggest swapping the tortilla for a bed of lettuce. It’s an easy and quick fix to solve you carbs cravings. You can also do a lettuce wrap for fish sandwiches, you can thank us later. You’ll get all of the flavor of the fish and none of the carbs. We also suggest if you get a seafood salad, ask for no croutons. Croutons defeat the purpose of ordering a healthy carb-free salad. Stick to your guns and avoid those carbs.


We know seafood, and we know carbs sometimes distract from the incredible fresh flavors that the ocean has to offer. Next time you visit Marker 32 or any of the Fish Camps locations, consider some carb-free options and embrace the flavor. Low-carb is not no-carb, so if you feel like having croutons on your salad or a tortilla with your taco, go for it! Carbs are definitely a food that needs to be eaten in moderation. Our goal is for you to feel comfortable enough to confidently order a healthy meal at any seafood restaurant. Enjoy the fresh food and embrace a low-carb lifestyle!