The desire to eat locally sourced, fresh ingredients is a dining trend that isn’t going anywhere. Foodies everywhere love to eat well, whether it’s at home or out on the town. At Marker 32, we understand the importance of serving our guests seasonal dishes. From peaches in the summer to root vegetables during the fall, all of our crafted entrees benefit from rotating accouterments. Here are a few seasonal ingredients you might see on our menu this fall:

Vegetables to Enjoy in Florida this October

Let’s kick things off with vegetables. While all veggies are healthier, you can maximize the number of nutrients you eat by enjoying produce that’s in season.












Our kitchen experts love to experiment with fresh, local ingredients. We partner with local producers to source vegetables for our discerning clientele. Often, we create incredible specials based on the produce we have for the day. Our favorite menu items that feature seasonal ingredients include:


1. Shrimp Fettuccine — andouille/peppers/pecorino/smoked tomato sauce

2. Seasonal Vegetable Side Dish

3. Burrata of the Moment — fresh burrata/ chef’s garnishes/toasted house made bread

Craveable Fruits You’ll Love This Fall

Fruits are good for so much more than breakfast and dessert. Inventive chefs (like ours at Marker 32!) love to play around with sweeter elements for main entrees.






Passion Fruit



Tangy vinaigrette, creamy sauces with a note of citrus and fruit-infused cocktails are a few of our favorite ways to brighten up your dining experience. Our fall specials often feature seasonal fruits in creative ways. Apples + chicken and winter citrus + peppery greens are just two of our favorite ways to incorporate fruit into a meal.


1. Fried Green Tomatoes — green goddess/ pimento cheese/ apple cider gastrique/ nueske’s bacon

2. Tuna Poke* — Tuna/ mango/ ginger aioli/ sweet soy/crispy gyoza

3. Blue Crab Cakes — caper dill sauce/parsley new potatoes/preserved Meyer lemon greens/grape tomato

Enjoy Seasonal Food as it Should Be at Marker 32 this Fall

We take great food preparation seriously. Every dish on our menu involves strategic ingredient sourcing, rounds of taste tests and lots of love. We collaborate with local farms to bring you the freshest fruits and vegetables, all year ‘round.


Are you craving a fresh, locally sourced dinner? Our chef-driven menu is created with you in mind. Book your reservation today. We look forward to serving you!