With such close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, restaurants all throughout Jacksonville offer a phenomenal variety of seafood delicacies. With daily access to the freshest catches available on the eastern seaboard, Jacksonville, Florida offers some of the most amazing seafood entrées around.

The Right Atmosphere

Part of the dining experience is the atmosphere, ambience and overall environment of the restaurant. Jacksonville is home to some of the most amazing water views from the beaches along the Atlantic coast to the Intercostal Waterway. Choosing restaurants in Jacksonville that offer amazing ambience will heighten the dining experience.

Knowledgeable Wait Staff

Wait service is one of the most important components of the dining experience. Enjoying the meal to its fullest is highly dependent on a wait staff that is both quick and responsive. They should be fully knowledgeable about the entire menu, including the catch of the day. They should understand how every meal is prepared, and the ingredients involved. Most importantly, they should help the guest understand how to enrich their dining experience by selecting the right appetizers, salads, entrées and desserts that best suit the guest’s palette.

Experienced Sommelier

Making the dining experience its most rewarding requires a careful selection of the best wines. It is important to seek out a Jacksonville, Florida restaurant with an experienced sommelier that has the knowledge to pair the best wines with exquisitely prepared entrées and desserts.

The Appetizers

The local residents and visiting guests eager to experience everything that Jacksonville, Florida has to offer should seek a restaurant that provides local ingredients in their appetizers. This will include fresh catch oysters, shrimp, or calamari all prepared with locally gathered produce. The restaurant should have a variety of appetizers created for every type of palette.

The Entrées

Jacksonville, Florida is known for its access to the freshest seafood. To enjoy seafood caught in the area, it is important to look for restaurants that use only highly trained professional chefs when preparing exquisite entrées. The menu should also include other entrée selections such as fine cuts of meats.

The Desserts

No dessert wine would be complete without enjoying a few bites of a tasty dessert prepared especially by an in-house baker. Seek out the Jacksonville, Florida restaurants that offer exquisite desserts made fresh every day.

Jacksonville Florida offers some of the most amazing delicacies available in fine cuisine. A few of these five-star restaurants are located along the water’s edge to heighten the dining experience of every guest.