We’re all about picking a strawberry right off the vine and eating it raw. The same goes for an onion. (Although, that’d be a whole lot less enjoyable.) There’s just something about taking fresh fruits and veggies and transforming them into a simple, gourmet dish. Produce is the key ingredient of countless appetizers, entrees and desserts. Here are a few of our favorite fruits and vegetables to use in the kitchen at Marker 32:


We’d be lost without this key ingredient. Heirloom, cherry and beefsteak tomatoes are all staples in culinary spaces across the world. In-season tomatoes boast more flavor and brighter colors than the ones harvested in other months.

One simple trick will help you identify if a tomato is ready to eat — squeeze it. Yep, it’s that easy. Bright red and soft is the sweet spot, while tomatoes firm to the touch still needs a while to develop. Come on by Marker 32 to see how we use this versatile veggie on our menu.

Steamed Mussels | tomato fennel broth, Spanish chorizo, heirloom tomatoes, basil

Shrimp Fettucine | andouille, peppers, pecorino, smoked tomato sauce


If you’re anything like us, you’ve been eating sweet blueberries since you were a little kid! They’re great exactly how Mother Nature creates them, but we think adding a little butter and sugar takes this fruit to a whole new level.

Florida grows a large percentage of the United States’ blueberries, so you know the ones you find in the grocery store are likely from a neighboring farm. We serve a mouthwatering blueberry dessert at Marker 32 that you just can’t miss….

Blueberry Crisp | Cinnamon Oat Streusel, Honey Lavender Ice Cream


No home or commercial kitchen in the world is complete without fresh or jarred garlic. Every ethnicity uses garlic as a way to give appetizers and entrees a much-needed layer of flavor.

Another key reason to cook with garlic is its impressive health benefits. It’s been used over the years to prevent serious ailments like the flu, cancer, heart disease and more. Regular garlic consumption is shown to lower cholesterol levels. Check out a couple of our favorite dishes that include this kitchen staple:

Paneed Chicken | porcini mushroom white wine pan jus, crushed new potatoes, sauteed spinach

Roasted Meatballs | saffron tomato sauce, pecorino, garlic bread

Fresh Seafood and Produce is the Name of the Game at Marker 32

Your dining experience at Marker 32 will be nothing short of amazing, thanks to locally sourced ingredients, knowledgeable staff and a breathtaking view. Reserve a table this summer to sample some of our favorite seafood dishes accompanied by seasonal vegetables.  

Take a look at our menu for even more fresh options. We look forward to seeing you soon.