Imagine a world without flaky white fillets, juicy scallops and buttery crab legs. Does that make you a little sad inside? Yeah, us too. People visit Jacksonville from all over for the beachside towns and fresh seafood, and you’re fortunate enough to live where everyone else vacations! Between your backyard cookouts and late night tacos, here’s some seasonal seafood to splurge on this summer:

Never Skip out on Fresh Scallops

We’re all about scallops over here at Marker 32. That’s no surprise, of course, considering one of the most popular starters on our menu is Seared Scallops with sweet corn puree, green tomato chow-chow and pickled watermelon.

Prime scallop harvesting in Florida happens between early July and late September. Scalloping is North Florida’s answer to South Florida’s lobster season. It’s fun for the whole family but requires a little knowledge of the area. Tune into your local marina’s channel for the inside scoop on where to anchor.

Whether you head to Marker 32 or catch some on your own, there isn’t a better time than now to indulge in this seasonal delicacy.

Flounder are Flourishing this Time of Year

Even the most experienced anglers can have a hard time hooking a flounder. This fish loves to hang out in inconspicuous areas around Florida like piers, oyster bars and creek mouths. If you want to feed your family some flounder this summer, it all comes down to the technique you use.

Flounders like to stay near the bottom, so it’s smart to cast a long line and slowly reel in the bait. Once you catch your first flounder, pay close attention to the area’s size and bag limits.

Yay! You’re back home with your fresh fillets. Now it’s time for our favorite part — cooking and eating. Flounder is a highly desirable flaky white fish that works well in countless dishes. White tablecloth restaurants and little seafood shacks all over Jacksonville feature flounder as a seasonal offering. It’s mild, plays well with many flavors and cooks to the perfect consistency.

One of our favorite ways to serve our Local Catch Hoppin’ John is with flounder in the spotlight. We serve the dish with black eye peas, basil pesto rice and tomato compote.

Always in the Mood for Oysters

If you put broiled (or raw!) oysters in front of someone on the Marker 32 team, you’ll see them disappear in seconds. It’s no surprise they’re a staple on our menu year-round. Oyster harvesting is huge in the spring, so right now is prime time for diners.

Thanks to modern advancements in refrigeration techniques, oysters are absolutely delicious year-round. Marker 32 sources fresh oysters to serve on the half shell with hand-selected accouterments or broiled with bacon, pecorino, spinach and sun dried tomatoes.

Fresh Seafood Plus Great Views Equal…

One of the absolute best dining experiences you’ll have all year. Our intimate restaurant sits right on the Intracoastal, giving you and your family a front row seat to one of Jacksonville’s best perks.
Reserve a table here to sample all of our summer seafood offerings.