Oysters are one of those foods that can be a bit intimidating to order. If you’ve never indulged before, the eating technique and flavor profile will likely confuse you. Just like any food you love, there’s no rule on how to enjoy them. But you’ve come here for advice, and we’re going to give it to you. If you want to slurp oysters like a pro and really make the most of your shellfish experience, the Marker 32 team is here with a few pointers to kick off your oyster obsession.

Keep it Simple to Start

Your first taste of a raw oyster should be totally unadulterated. Skip the accouterments and familiarize yourself with the baseline flavor profile. Take little baby steps to the world of toppings — our favorites include a squeeze of lemon, a dash of fresh horseradish or a dollop of cocktail sauce. The goal here isn’t to mask the flavors, it’s to elevate the natural taste of the oyster.

Order the Right Type

The size and salt content of an oyster determine its individual flavor profile. We recommend you start small for your first slurp. Talk to your waiter about the size available for the evening (small, medium, large) and specify whether you prefer mild or salty. If you’re unsure, go ahead and try one of each! Fun fact: oysters are usually named after the bay from which they’re harvested. Each unique taste and texture comes from the waters they inhabited.

What Should I Do With My Hands?

Alright Ricky Bobby, it’s easier than you think. Use that tiny fork at your place setting to lift the delicious meat out of the shell. You might have to put some work into it to detach the meat from the shell. Trust us, it’s worth it. Oysters are full of some of the best earthy flavors you’ll ever experience. When you’re all finished, a general rule of thumb is to place the oyster face down on the platter so your server knows you’re finished.

Talk the Talk

Oyster etiquette is a very real thing and we’re here to help you show off a little in front of the food snobs in your life. To accurately describe the texture, use words like firm, soft, chewy or gooey. Sweet, buttery, metallic, salty and briny are accurate adjectives to describe the taste.

Keep the Good Times Rolling

Add a cocktail or a glass of vino and you’re all set. If you’re partial to wine, pair your oysters with a crisp Champagne or a light sauvignon blanc. Choose a “brut” or “extra brut” bubbly to ensure no sugar was added. A bold cocktail low in sweetness is also a solid choice. Think a dirty martini or white tequila on the rocks.

Discover Your New Favorite Delicacy at Marker 32

Enjoy a relaxing dinner with a view at Marker 32 before summer comes to a close. Order the Oysters On The Half Shell – ½ dozen with cocktail sauce, mignonette and horseradish or the M32 Broiled Oysters with bacon, pecorino, spinach and sundried tomatoes to kick off the evening. Take a look at our full menu here for even more choices.


The Marker 32 crew knows a thing or two about great oysters. Fresh seafood is our specialty here at Marker 32, and we can’t wait to serve you the best oysters on this side (and the other side…) of the Mississippi. Make your reservation today.