Most restaurant-goers focus on the main event for the evening — their entrees. We challenge you to think differently the next time you dine with us. Instead of ordering an appetizer, an entree then dessert, come join us for a meal full of fabulous starters. Order four or five and make it a meal for you and a friend. Here are a few of our favorite Marker 32 reservations:

Broiled Oysters

It just doesn’t get better than this! Our broiled oyster appetizer is a guest favorite for a million reasons. Even if you typically dislike oysters, we can bet ours might just change your mind. We bake spinach, bacon, sun dried tomatoes and pecorino cheese on top to elevate the already amazing flavors of the oyster.

Pair this appetizer with a delicious Pinot Noir or Chardonnay to elevate the baked goodness. Not much of a wine drinker? Opt for a dry martini or an IPA for an equally delicious pairing.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes have been a staple on the Marker 32 menu for years. This southern classic is made even better by the addition of a green goddess drizzle, pimiento cheese, apple cider gastrique and grilled bacon.

If you’ve never tried this starter before, you’re in for a treat! Fried green tomatoes, like many other fried foods, go well with many different drinks. Sparkling wine, sweet tea or a local lager are certainly all matches made in heaven with this fried delicacy.

Burrata of the Moment

If we had to choose one appetizer to eat every day it’d be the burrata, hands down. Imagine all of the creamy goodness of mozzarella taken to a whole new level. Our chef team sources the freshest fruits and vegetables each week to create the garnishes of the moment.

Burrata is one of the greatest gifts Italy has granted to the world. Order this appetizer as a light entree with a mixed green salad to create the perfect meal. Like most Italian food, our burrata of the moment works well with a bold red wine.

Make Your Way to Marker 32 this Fall

All of our entrees are pretty fabulous, but the appetizers certainly can’t be missed. If you have something to celebrate in the next few weeks or are simply in the mood for a great meal, pop into Marker 32 for an incredible meal. Book your reservation today!