Ahhh, Spring. The time of leaves changing color, snow melting and flowers blooming. Just kidding! We live in Florida and it’s been 80 degrees since January. The perks of living in Jacksonville are endless, whether that be going to the beach year round or getting some of the freshest seafood in the country, we’re pretty happy with our home. Speaking of seafood, Marker 32 will have some pretty tasty specials hitting the menu over the next month. Here’s a little inside scoop as to what fish might be featured:




This flakey white fish is a chef’s best friend, and it’s soon to be yours, too. Cobia migrate from the Gulf all the way up the shores of the East Coast, which means Florida fisherman are pretty busy during Cobia season! Whether it’s thrown on the grill, baked or pan fried, Cobia has a rich, sweet flavor that might be the best the sea has to offer.




We might have tuna on the Marker 32 menu all year, but its peak season falls in March. This is the month when the tuna fishing is abundant and the fisherman’s wallets are a little thicker. yellowfin tuna (ahi) is harvested in the beautiful blue waters of Hawaii and can weigh as much as 400 pounds. A unique characteristic of ahi tuna is that it can be served raw or cooked, both offering completely different textures. But no matter how this trophy fish is cooked, the flavor is mild and works well with strong flavors, such as soy.


*Menu item we referenced (and highly recommend): Yellowfin Tuna Poke with a soy glaze, wakame, crispy wanton and wasabi aioli




These fish might not be the prettiest, but boy do they taste good! Although there are over 300 different species of grouper, we tend to stick to just a couple: red, black and yellow edge. Grouper can be compared to a cross between halibut and bass, with an unmatched mild flavor. Fun fact: grouper changes from female to male as they age. We might just have helped you win your next round of trivia! You’re welcome.




King mackerel is a fish that’s featured in sport fishing tournaments just as often as it’s served on a dinner plate. When prepared correctly, this fish can go head to head with the incredible flavors of sheepshead or flounder. Kingfish must be eaten extremely fresh because of the abundance of oils in its skin. Some people also refer to this type of fish as amberjack, but regardless of the name you use, this fish’s sweet, rich darker meat is a favorite around these parts.




This is one of the fastest fish in the sea and is a popular sportfish because of its mean fighting instinct. But along with it’s skills in the ocean, sailfish often make their way onto menus around this time of year. The filets are often large and requires proper brining before cooking. If you’re in the mood for seafood skewers, sailfish should hands down be your fish of choice.


We’re so excited to fire up the stove and cook up some of our seasonal favorites for you. There’s nothing better than fresh seafood, a gorgeous view of the intracoastal and a romantic dinner in an intimate restaurant. Swing by Marker 32 any time this March to hear our seasonal specials!