Picture it: a gorgeous Florida view overlooking the ocean, a delicious, beautifully presented meal set in front of you, and your family sitting across from you, a night of memories ahead.

Welcome to Marker 32, a restaurant in Jacksonville that’s unique and classy, managing to be laid-back and offer gourmet cuisine at the same time. Opened in 1992 by Ben Groshell, Marker 32 offers a variety of fresh, decadent food. From perfectly seasoned seafood to a delectable chocolate truffle torte, there is something on the menu for everyone in your family. Groshell, named one of the 100 best chefs in America in 2013, lends innovative ideas to the extraordinary menu.

Upon first arrival, the spacious, dimly lit restaurant appears classically fancy. Wine glasses and candles adorn white-clothed tables, and an enormous window offers a breathtaking view of the glistening Atlantic Ocean. With ships passing and a beautiful piece of land in the distance, it’s a beautiful backdrop to accompany your mail. The well-stocked bar features a wide selection of wine and spirits, and the artwork on the walls lends a homey feeling to the rooms. Despite the classy appeal, the restaurant also has the unique ability of making you feel like you’re down at the neighborhood diner, blending familiarity and exploratory at once.

You can expect to be instantly greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable staff member determined to give you a remarkable experience. Your server has the answer to all your questions and a classically-trained chef is in the kitchen preparing your meal to order. The organization and service of the staff allows your experience to flow seamlessly.

Whether you’re there on a date or with your kids, there’s something fulfilling on the menu. Impressive appetizers arrive at your table piled high and gorgeously presented. The divine entrees are contemporary and gourmet. The succulent grilled salmon, accompanied by a superb horseradish mustard butter is suitable for an adult palate, while the perfectly fried fish and shoestring potatoes is adored by children. Saving room for dessert is a must – the strawberries and cream panna cotta is cool and sweet, a lush combination of texture and taste.

With every explosive bite of the hand-crafted, innovative dishes, you’ll be certain you’re in a five-star restaurant, but the relaxed environment leaves room for a diverse group of people to enjoy. Fresh, flavorful food, highly-trained staff members , a dazzling view, and a comfortable yet refined atmosphere makes it the perfect spot for you and your family.