Escape nights are always a blast.  It is all about going out to a great restaurant with friends and family and just forgetting about everything that has been bothering you throughout the week.  We all cannot go on week-long vacations at will.  Most of us are fortunate enough, though, to be able to visit a restaurant that allows us to have a miniature vacation for a night.  One of the ways a restaurant can help make an escape night that much better is by having a knowledgeable bar staff.  When a restaurant that has bar staff that can connect with guests, they can help enhance their night that much more.

Certain Drinks are Better With Specific Dishes

Bar staff that is knowledgeable about the layout of a restaurant is going to be able to help make the meal itself taste that much better.  So how is this accomplished?  This is due to the fact that certain drinks simply taste better with specific dishes.  A new guest at a restaurant is not going to know this.  It is up to the bar staff to be knowledgeable to the point where they can identify with the guest what they are eating, and what drink would better compliment that specific dish.

Getting Creative

Creativity is also key if you are a bar staff at a restaurant.  Sometimes a guest is going to want a drink that is unique, outside the box, simply different.  This is when a member of any restaurant bar staff should get excited.  It is similar to a chef coming up with a unique dish.  Creating a drink that is different can be something that is a lot of fun.  When that bar staff can connect with a guest and create something for them that is specific to what they are looking for, it can make a night that much better.

What You Are in the Mood For

Sometimes a guest simply has no idea what they want for a specific name of a drink, but they know what they are in the mood for.  It could be a specific flavor, a type of liquor, or a type of beer.  Bar staff should be able to get ideas from what the guest is describing and get them a drink that is going to put a smile on their face.  It is all about making that connection.

Getting out for a night can be a lot of fun, especially in a great area such as Jacksonville, Florida.  When visiting quality restaurants, look for those that have a bar staff that you as a guest can connect with.  Restaurants like Marker32 are chock full of staff that are inviting, comforting, and are going to give you a true sense that you are a part of their family.  This type of neighborhood vibe, coupled with great food and drinks, can allow you to experience a mini vacation in just one night without venturing too far from home.