Birthday parties can be a lot of fun, no matter what age the person being celebrated is.  Whether you are celebrating a 20th birthday party or an 80th, having the party be held at a restaurant along the water is going to make for a very memorable night.  As the planner of the event, though, there are some things that you should consider and take into account.  The whole goal when planning this type of birthday bash is to make sure you are taking advantage of the party’s biggest asset, that great view of the water.

Choose Decorations to Match the Theme

All birthday parties are going to have decorations of some kind.  Some of these decorations are going to be more elaborate than others.  Even some basic decorations such as napkins and small centerpieces, though, should go in line with the scenery and theme of the restaurant.  Try to go with a theme of coastal dining when you are picking out decorations.  This is going to further accentuate and bring out the best in that background restaurant scenery.  If you do not want to go with that type of on the water theme, a variation of that could also be used that still capitalizes on nature in general and being out in the open air with the breeze of the water.

Set a Menu to Appeal to All Guests

Not every restaurant is the same in terms of the way that it serves guests celebrating a birthday party.  Some are going to have you set a menu beforehand, while others will simply have everyone order off of the menu when they arrive.  Either way, the restaurant that you choose should appeal to all of the guests that are going to be coming to the party.  Make it a point to be sure that there is going to be something on that menu for everyone.  This will ensure that no one feels left out or uncomfortable when trying to make a selection for their dinner.

Take Advantage of the Scenery throughout the Evening

Taking full advantage of the scenery of a restaurant on the water is also pivotal.  There can be great opportunities for some tremendous pictures with things such as the sun setting, or simply having the water there in the background.  The asset of being on the water should not be ignored here as it can be used as a tool for great pictures, or as a way to really get people to relieve some of their stress, let loose, and have a tremendous night.

Enjoying a birthday party at a restaurant along the water can be quite memorable.  With great friends, family, and loved ones all by the side of the one being celebrated, it can create for moments you will not soon forget.  Consider all of the factors that go into planning a birthday party like this, and be sure that you are taking full advantage of that great nature backdrop that is going to be present.