Since it opened in 1992, Marker 32 has always sought to make its name synonymous with fine dining and high quality food. Over the past 20 years the restaurant has been extraordinarily successful in doing just that.  From its tantalizing appetizers and lush salads to its succulent entrees and decadent desserts, not a single dish on the menu fails to satisfy.  For this reason, Marker 32 was bestowed the honor of being named the best restaurant in it’s area by the popular restaurant website OpenTable.

So what is so special about Marker 32 that grown men might be seen clamoring into a high chair to get a bite? Well that all starts with owner and operator Ben Groshell. Ranked as one of the nation’s 100 Best Chefs, for Groshell the restaurant is less a business than an expression of his craft. Each and every menu option was developed with his expert guidance to be of the highest standard in deliciousness.

Let’s run through some of the fine delicacies Marker 32 has to offer so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

The Appetizers & Salads

The first, and easiest, decision you’ll have to make a Marker 32 is what to have to drink. After that, expect your appetite to undergo serious tribulation beginning with the multitude of choices for just the first course. Marker 32 offers twelve different options for appetizers, as well as three salads for good measure.

You can opt for the old standbys of Raw Oysters on the Half Shell or P.E.I. Mussels. Or instead, you might want to venture for a new twist on an old favorite that come in the form of the Vietnamese Inspired Fried Calamari, the Yellow Fin Tuna Poke, the Fuego Shirmp, and the House Smoked Salmon and Potato Pancake. We’ll recommend here the delightful house favorite Crispy Conch, served with Florida curry dip and cucumber salad.

The Entrees

Whether you’re a seafood fiend or an old-fashioned meat lover, Marker 32 has just the just the meal to get your mouth watering among its eight main course options. The Seared Catch changes daily, but is always made to perfection and served with sage brown butter with pine nuts and tomato, jasmine rice, and the seasonal vegetable. For the more turf inclined, the Cast Iron Seared Beef Tenderloin – served with oven-roasted potatoes, truffled leek puree, and whipped Port butter – should have you chomping at the bit to get a bite.

Here, well recommend both the flavor-filled Marker 32 Seafood Bowl and the scintillating Bone-In Pork Chop. Each will leave you feeling filled to the brim with a hefty serving of scrumptiousness.

The Desserts

You won’t need our help with this. All you need is your sweet tooth guide you! But let’s just say, while we’ll leave the four options to your imagination, make sure you leave room to be taken far beyond what you could ever imagine…

Creating a menu of top-to-bottom tasty meals takes more time and effort than the casual diner may realize. Countless restaurants open with great potential, but meet abrupt closures due to inconsistent or confused menus.

Successful restaurants must do more than merely serve food: they must also provide coherent courses that compliment one another and are consistently prepared. Perhaps the easiest way to lose repeat patrons, or even general cliental, is to have fluctuating standards of quality. At Marker 32, you can always expect your meal to be of the highest caliber possible, so much so that you wouldn’t in the least bit mind sitting in that high chair to get it!