Enjoying oyster dishes can make for some of the best seafood feasts that you can have. There are some key points though to keep in mind when you are considering an oyster dish. Not every restaurant is able to pack the type of fresh and quality oysters that Marker 32 is able to bring to the table.

Fresh Oysters Add to a Meal

One of the biggest things to creating an unforgettable oyster dish is the freshness of the oysters themselves. If you are eating oysters that have been shipped in from across the country, you are not going to get that much taste out of them. This is because they likely have had to be frozen or packed in such a way so that they are preserved. Fresh oysters that have been delivered via local seafood suppliers are going to allow restaurants like Marker 32 to really take advantage of everything that fresh seafood has to offer. The meals are going to have more taste and are going to allow chefs to experiment further with their creations.

Popular Oyster Dishes

There are some oyster dishes that are more popular than others. Some of the most popular oyster appetizers include broiled oysters and raw oysters on the half shell. The broiled oysters served up at Marker 32 come with bacon, spinach, sundries tomatoes, and pecorino. These are a huge favorite among the regulars to this long-standing Jacksonville establishment.

Oysters that are delivered fresh can be worked into some tremendous Southern style meals that are going to appeal to those of the Jacksonville area. This means using oysters in dishes that add a lot of Southern flair in regards to the spices and the sides that are brought forward with the oysters.

Creating a Great Evening

Oysters can only take you so far. What really sells you as a restaurant goer is the atmosphere of the establishment. Marker 32 gives a view of the marina over the Intracoastal Waterway that is going to take your breath away. Enjoying a meal there where you can look out at a sunset over the marina while you have a drink and eat makes for a great night overall. There is a reason that the restaurant has been and continued to be so popular since 1992 when it first launched in Jacksonville. Marker 32 has the type of neighborhood atmosphere that keeps its guests coming back.

The Marker 32 restaurant has some chefs that have managed to create oyster dishes that are top notch. They are made from fresh local oysters that are going to pack a lot of taste. They get paired up in Southern dishes that have tremendous spices and varieties compared to what you typically see in other seafood restaurants. The environment and overall atmosphere of Marker 32 is going to bring a smile to your face every time. The laughs and the enjoyment experienced here are the reason why people frequent it as often as they do. Quality food in a relaxed environment, the way fine dining was meant to be.