Guests do not really just how much power the owner of a restaurant has over their experience.  The general consensus has always been that a restaurant owner simply owns the restaurant, and someone else manages it, hires staff, works on the food, and so on.  This could not be any farther from the truth.  Reality is that an owner can have a major impact on the dining experience of each and every guest that walks through the door.

The restaurant owners out there who take the time out to really think about their guests are those that have the ability to make connections with them.  It is all about finding a way to make sure that each guest feels unique and special in their own way.  Restaurant owners can achieve this in a few key ways.  The first is to be visible, the second is to set a great tone at the top, and finally, they have to ensure that nothing is spared when it comes to customer experience.

Benefits of Being Visible to Guests

Guests want to know that the owner of the restaurant they are visiting is there to share the experience with them.  In a lot of instances, it is overlooked just how important it is for an owner to be visible in a restaurant.  It makes a big impact when you can have an owner walk up to a table, introduce him or herself, and ask the guest what their meal experience has been like.  This is going to show the guests that he or she really does care about what they are experiencing.

Visibility is pivotal in just about any business, but in the restaurant industry, it is important for the staff as well.  Visibility holds the staff accountable for their actions.  When the owner is always there watching over things, staff are going to be more in-line to want to work hard for that owner since he or she is in the trenches working right along with them.

Setting the Tone from the Top

Restaurant owners need to set a tone from the top that is going to trickle all the way down to every meal and guest that comes into the restaurant.  The tone starts with the attitude and emotion that is shown to the manager of the restaurant, as well as the staff.  If the staff knows that the owner wants a lively atmosphere, a neighborhood vibe to be set, they are going to strive to achieve that.  It is pivotal for this tone to be set from the top so that everything can trickle down in an in sync fashion.  If this mindset is not fully understood by the staff, then they could be trying to present a variety of different vibes to guests based on their own thoughts and feelings as to what the restaurant should be known for.  Having an owner that sets the tone at the top and ensures that the tone trickles down in a synchronous fashion is going to end up presenting a more uniform and appealing presentation to guests.

Sparing No Expense

You do not want an owner of a restaurant to be cutting corners every way that he or she can.  Yes, a restaurant has to be profitable, but not at the expense of the experience that a guest has.  Restaurant owners can help make their restaurant that much more successful by ensuring that the proper expenditures are made to be sure that every guest gets that special experience that they desire.  This could be something as simple as splurging a bit on décor to really drive home that atmosphere and vibe that the owner wants out of the establishment.  When you have a restaurant that is on the cheaper side when it comes to spending on guest experience, it can shine through pretty quickly and easily.

The owners of a restaurant can have quite an impact on the success of it one way or another, and it is much more than just being good at owning the restaurant.  It comes down to the personal touches.  This starts with ensuring that the extra mile is always sought to give that added touch to every meal that is served.  Visibility is very important among both guests and staff so that an appropriate tone can be set at the top.  When the owner of a restaurant truly cares about the guest experience, they will want to go that extra step to be sure that everyone enters and leaves with a smile.