A restaurant is only as good as the food that it can serve up.  This is why it is so important for a restaurant to have chefs that are classically trained and can really bring new things to the table, literally and figuratively.  Let’s take a look at just how a great chef can really kick things up a notch at any restaurant.

It All Starts With an Idea

Many restaurant fans do not realize just how much influence chefs really have on the menu.  When a restaurant is being put together, there are some staples that are basically necessary.  Items such as simplistic kids meals are common, more casual eats are also customary to make the menu accessible to everyone.  Once you get by these three or four items, though, the rest really relies on the chef to come up with some special dishes.

The area of seafood is one which has the potential to be truly unique in terms of the types of meals that are served up.  There is just so much that can be done with a piece of fish, clams, shrimp, as well as other types of seafood.  The best classically trained chefs are going to know how to make that seafood taste as perfect as possible.

As a chef, it really all starts with an idea.  Many chefs grow up as an apprentice in a kitchen, working to make quick, easy meals.  As they do this, though, they start to come up with ideas that can enhance those basic meals.  These ideas are the foundations for experimenting with, and creating, truly perfect dishes.

Serving Up Unique Twists

The best chefs are going to be able to take a dish that is classic in nature, and make it truly unique and different.  A perfect example would be the classic fish and chips dish.  A piece of fried fish sounds pretty basic, but when things get changed up, it can be much more.  There are many options and alterations that a classically trained chef can make to a basic dish like this.  Things such as changing up the batter used on the fish, the spices that are in the fish itself, the sides, all of that stuff.  Even something as simple as a unique dipping sauce can all set the meal apart from what you are used to.

Chefs that are trained properly are going to be able to come into a restaurant and truly transform it into something special.  Examples, such as the Marker32 restaurant in the Jacksonville area, have shown that truly unique dishes can keep guests coming back for over two decades.  For restaurants, it is all about having a differentiating factor that sets you apart from the competition.  When you have a chef at the helm that is both creative and has a desire to be great, you are going to end up with meals that will have guests beaming from ear to ear.