Whenever a dozen oysters are served to a table full of people there’s always at least one extremely awkward and confused person. “How the heck do I eat this thing?” That brings us to the question…is there a proper way to eat oysters? Whether you’re dining at a five-star restaurant or kicking back at a beach cookout, there’s no right way to slurp ‘em down. So put your worries aside and enjoy a little slurp of heaven with one of these preparations:


Fresh, Raw Oysters


Head to the grocery store and look for heavy, tightly sealed oysters. Before you prepare them to serve, make sure you give them a nice rinse under cool water. Now…onto the good part. Use an oyster knife, not a regular knife, to pry open the oyster shell. Don’t have an oyster knife? A screwdriver is your next best bet. Throw away the top shell and try to keep as much remaining seawater in the bottom shell as possible. Add whatever seasoning you enjoy and slurp that oyster down!


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Oysters Rockefeller


If you’re new to oysters, Rockefeller is the place to start. Let’s get real…anything doused in butter is bound to be delicious! The original recipe dates back to the 1800s in a little New Orlean’s restaurant, but there have been thousands of variations created over the decades. Oysters Rockefeller becomes the fabulous appetizer that it is by combining a variety of garlic, spinach, watercress and scallions as the stuffing. Then, that yummy mixture is topped with butter, breadcrumbs, fennel and hot sauce.


Although Marker 32 doesn’t have Oysters Rockefeller on the menu, we do have our spin on this classic dish. Give this a try on your next visit: M32 Broiled Oysters – bacon/pecorino/spinach/sun dried tomatoes


Roasted Oysters


It really doesn’t get easier than this. Roasting oysters is such a simple way to take full advantage of the briny oyster flavors with a minimal amount of ingredients. Begin by placing about 15 oysters on the half shell on a baking sheet with a thin layer of rock salt below. Top each oyster with a mixture of hot sauce and browned butter, then roast in a 500-degree oven for about five minutes (or until edges of oyster begin to curl). Serve with a sprinkle of chopped parsley and bacon.


We can’t wait to see you for a tasty oyster appetizer or an entire meal. If you’re fairly new to the world of oysters, there’s a good chance you have no clue what drink pairs well with this unique shellfish. Lucky for you, we’re here to help!


  • Bubbly – It’s hard to go wrong when pairing Champagne or Prosecco with oysters raw, roasted or Rockefeller. The carbonation of the bubbly is the perfect contrast to the smooth texture of the oysters.
  • Chardonnay – Mmmm, it’s hard to not get excited about a yummy, buttery glass of chardonnay with a side of Oysters Rockefeller.
  • Sparkling Water – Sipping on a glass of iced sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon is a great way to highlight, instead of distract, from the distinct oyster flavors.