There’s a reason they’re in the kitchen and all of us are reading cooking tips from our computer screens. Cooking hundreds (dare I say thousands) of different recipes over the years really teaches a person how to navigate a kitchen and pick up a few necessary skills along the way. The great chefs at Marker 32 know a thing or two about flambaying and chiffonading, so we’ve decided to share some of their best cooking tips with you:


Take Notes in Your Cookbooks


Recipes, as they’re written, don’t always match your personal preferences. Did the soup need more salt? Write it down. Would the meal have tasted better if you popped it under the broiler for a couple minutes? Whatever the case, scribble your thoughts. Some of the best family recipes are moderations of regular ole cookbook recipes, but with the added personal touches that make them special.


Send out Your Knives for Sharpening


A sharp knife makes for a more enjoyable cooking experience, plain and simple. Not only will dull knives tarnish the effectiveness of your chopping, they’re also less safe and precise. Make it a priority to send get your knives professionally sharpened once a year. Trust us, the difference is noticeable.


Be Kind to Your Herbs


Think about that basil and parsley in your fridge as fresh flowers. Instead of throwing those fresh herbs into your produce drawer, put them in a glass of water on a shelf in the fridge. To keep them fresh longer, loosely tie a plastic bag around the top of the leaves. It’s always a little disappointing to see a big bundle of herbs go bad because they weren’t stored properly.


Dry Your Salad Greens


After rinsing your arugula or romaine, gently pile the leaves into a clean dish towel. Keep swinging the herbs around in the dish towel until your greens are dry and your hands are a little sore. You’ll achieve the same result as a salad spinner, without the need for a place to store such a bulky tool.


Keep a Trash Bowl/Bag Handy


Whether you choose a big popcorn bowl or a grocery bag, keep in on your kitchen counter for the duration of your cooking prep. Hey, it’s easier than repeated pressing your foot to raise the trash can lid! This might sound unnecessary, but it makes the whole cooking process go a whole lot smoother.


Don’t Overcrowd the Pan

It doesn’t matter if you’re roasting veggies or pan frying chicken breasts, your food needs room to cook through. The resulting flavors and textures will be a whole lot better. Cramming food into a pan when cooking is just lazy, and laziness doesn’t normally result in great food.


Use a Scale


Especially for baking. The absolute best way to achieve precision and efficiency is to use a kitchen scale to measure your ingredients. Not only will you have better results, but you’ll have far less clean up to worry about! Gone are the days of using multiple measuring cups and instruments.


We could go on for days, but these are a few of our favorites. To get an idea of how some seriously good chefs put their expert skills to use, come into Marker 32. You won’t find fresher seafood, prettier dishes or a more knowledgeable staff anywhere on the planet if we do say so ourselves!