Taking one glance over the menu at Marker 32 is sure to get the mouth of pretty much every single person watering. The menu is such that it is extremely unique and diverse, yet traditional all at the same time. In the event that you are in the mood for something very unique and more on the dangerous side, we can get your taste buds flying. If you want something more traditional in terms of seafood fare, we can give that to you as well. No matter what you’re craving, we have something for you.


Lobster Wedge


There is nothing wrong with starting out with a quality salad and you cannot do much better than the Lobster Wedge. This salad is packed with baby iceberg lettuce. From there you get to try the preserved meyer lemon vinaigrette as well as apple, fennel, and chopped walnut. This is the starting salad that is going to wet your pallet and get the taste buds flying and ready of more.


Marker 32 Signature Bruschetta


The Marker 32 Signature Bruschetta is an appetizer that you are going to come back for every single time. There is a reason why this appetizer is called out on so many Yelp reviews. While it is not exactly screaming seafood, it is a delicious starter that goes great with some drinks to get you ready for the entrees ahead. The bruschetta is loaded with goat feta, marinated tomatoes,as well as olive tapenade. The combination makes for a starter that is shareable and absolutely delicious.


Fried Green Tomatoes


Another starter that is absolutely to die for at Marker 32 are the Fried Green Tomatoes. These include green goddess with house bacon and Florida white cheddar pimento. Along with sorghum gastrique, this is an appetizer that really reflects on the restaurant’s southern roots.


Fried Jumbo Mayport Shrimp


Moving down to the entrees is where you start to get into the goods like the Fried Jumbo Mayport Shrimp. Read any review about Marker 32 online and you will see this one mentioned so many times. The shoestring fries that come with it are absolutely amazing, as is the signature M32 tarter sauce that is served up with the slaw and cocktail.


Seared Yellowfin Tuna


Our Seared Yellowfin Tuna is another dish that is raved about countless times. If the locally caught and fresh tuna was not enough, the Braised Szechuan kale, peanuts, whipped tomatoes, and toasted garlic red miso will absolutely get you there. This is a dish that is going to have the rest of the table looking at you in jealousy as you divulge into its deliciousness.
Marker 32 is a restaurant that really has it all from the amazing atmosphere to a menu that has really become second to none in the seafood industry. The next time you get to Marker 32, check out some of the favorites listed above and the many reviews on Yelp and elsewhere as others have favorite opinions as well.