How many times have you sat down in a restaurant, stared at the menu for ten or fifteen minutes, and still had absolutely no idea what you wanted to order? This is something that so many of us have to face whenever we go out to eat. We have seen this far too many times from our guests at Marker 32. Choosing what you want for a dinner entree should not be something that is stressful or that should be burdensome to you at all. You should be able to have a definitive strategy that is going to drive your decision and give you the perfect entree for whatever you are in the mood to have.


There are some tips that you can follow to select that dinner entree. This includes everything from considering your beverage, the time of the year, what others have said, as well as just getting advice. Following these tips can help make the dining experience go that much smoother and make that dinner selection decision far easier.


Pair Your Food With Your Drink


One thing that can help you to select your dinner entree is to actually pair your food with whatever drink that you are having. If you are having a beer, that could go perfectly with a fried fish dish. A red wine may be better paired with grilled seafood that packs other certain flavors. Doing this type of pairing is going to allow your food and your drink to really bring out the best in one another.


Think About What is in Season


What is in season should also strongly be taken into consideration. There are times during the year when certain types of seafoods are in season. Types of fish such as cod, sea bass, and others are going to be plentiful and fresher during their peak months versus when it is an off-peak time. All of our seafood is local and fresh so you never have to worry about getting a meal that’s old and not in season.


Check the Reviews Ahead of Time


Reviews can reveal a great deal of information about the dinner entrees that may be on the menu at any restaurant. We highly recommend to our guests to check out many of the reviews that are all across the internet at our establishment. This can help to lead you towards ideas as to what entrees are more popular than others with many of our guests that come to frequent the restaurant.


Ask Your Waiter or Waitress


When all else fails, there is nothing wrong with just asking for some advice. Every single one of our waiters and waitresses would love to give you some tips on entrees that you may be thinking of. If you are not sure as to what you should try, do not be afraid to just speak up and get an opinion. Based on your drink choice, what you usually describe to us as what you like about seafood, this can open up the conversation to lead you to an entree that you’ll be completely satisfied with.
Selecting an entree at a restaurant should not be a trying experience. It should be an experience that goes very smoothly and also leads you to a meal that you are absolutely going to love. Try out many of the tips that we detailed above and enjoy the great meal offerings that we serve up daily at Marker 32.