Going out on a first date can always be stressful.  This is typically because you put so much thought into making that first night one that neither of you is going to forget.  The tried and true first date is going out to dinner at a restaurant.  The pivotal mistake that many make, though, is not taking into account a few key factors about the restaurant that is chosen.  There are a few ways that you can plan ahead to help reduce some of the stress that will come up during the date, all associated with picking that perfect restaurant for both of you.

Choose a Restaurant Based on Comfort Level

The most important thing when choosing a restaurant for a first date is to choose it based on comfort level.  If you end up bringing the guy or girl to a restaurant that is very formal, and you are both more casual individuals, it is just going to end up being forced and awkward.  This is not going to be the way that you want to break down those stress walls to have real conversations.  What happens when you go to a restaurant where you are both comfortable is that it allows each of you to truly be yourselves.  You are not going to have to overcompensate to try and be formal and fit in at the setting.

Show Interest in the Likes of Your Date

The other key factor, building off of the comfort level idea, is that you have to show interest in your date in the selection you make.  If he or she does not like certain types of food, those are the restaurants that you should enjoy.  Maybe ask him or her beforehand what their favorite type of food is.  If they say seafood, you can start to look for the best seafood restaurants that are out there in the area.  This will not only help further with the comfort level for your date, but it is also going to show that you genuinely care about the experience that they are going to have during the date.  Showing interest in their likes and dislikes is a great starting point.

Try to Choose a Great Scenic Restaurant

There are many great scenic restaurants across the United States.  Specifically in the Florida area, there are seafood restaurants along the water that can take the breath away of just about any individual.  These types of restaurants can set a scene for a first date that is going to not only relax the two of you, but is going to naturally spark some great conversation and provide a backdrop for the evening that no interior decoration could ever replicate.

Making that first date special is all about choosing the right restaurant.  Paying attention to the type of restaurant, as well as the likes and dislikes of you date is a good starting point.  Taking it a step further to choose a great scenic restaurant, such as one along the water, will further enhance that special night you are hoping for.