One way that we measure our success is by seeing just how many of your customers continue to return on a regular basis. When a restaurant has the ability to bring in repeat customers, it speaks volumes to the quality of food, the atmosphere, and the level of service. Studies have found that roughly one-third of all restaurant revenue comes from repeat customers. What this means is that if you are unable to get customers to continue to come back to your restaurant on a regular basis, it is going to be very difficult to run a profitable business.  The repeat customers are absolutely necessary to any restaurant’s survival. What is it about Marker 32 though that makes our regulars want to come back?

Quality Customer Service

People rave about the customer service that we are able to deliver at Marker 32. We take a great deal of pride in our customer service because we want every guest that comes into our restaurant to be as happy to be there as we are to have them. When customers are not treated properly in a restaurant, they are not likely to return The need for quality customer service does not only fall on the shoulders of the wait staff though. Every member of the team from the hosts, bartenders, chefs, and management are all responsible for producing a great experience.

Food Quality

You can have the best customer service in the world but if the food is no good, you are probably not going to be in business for very long. Every single one of our customers at Marker 32 expects the highest quality of food that we can serve and that is what we deliver every single day. When it comes to quality, nothing but the best is what should always be expected by consumers. If a customer is not a fan of a particular meal or the restaurant menu, they are not going to keep coming back.


Cleanliness is also something that can keep guests coming back to a restaurant. When you have a restaurant that is dirty, no one is going to want to dine there in the moment let alone go out of their way to come back to the restaurant again. When a restaurant fails in cleanliness, it will likely fail as a business.

Word of Mouth

When you read positive reviews about us on Yelp and other websites, it gives you incentive to want to go back to the restaurant to try all of the different menu items that people are talking about. Positive word of mouth has really drove home a desire for people to visit initially and visit repeatedly. The reality is that the majority of restaurant customers are only going to go to a restaurant just one time and not return again. As a restaurant, our goal is to go against this trend and start to turn it in the opposite direction. We strive to get the vast majority of your guests as repeat customers. Whether they return for the service, the food, cleanliness, or something else, repeat customers are an invaluable asset for Marker 32. For that, we have to give a big thank you to all of customers. We’ll see you soon!