There are certain restaurants that are just staples in the community.  Ask anyone that lives in any city in the United States and they probably know of one restaurant that represents their city like none other.  This is exactly what Marker 32 does for the Jacksonville, FL area.  There are many different reasons, none greater than any of the others, that stands as pillars of why Jacksonville visitors love Marker 32 so very much.  It is for these reasons that the restaurant has managed to be voted as the #1 restaurant by OpenTable in 2015 in Jacksonville, FL for Diners’ Choice and was also highly rated by Tripadvisor in 2012.  The restaurant’s reputation stands on its own.


What makes Marker 32 such a tremendous destination for visitors of the Jacksonville, FL area?  Is it the classically trained chefs that the restaurant has in its arsenal?  Is it the amazing bar and wait staff making for a comforting atmosphere?  Perhaps it is just the scene that the restaurant sets, allowing you to really leave the world behind and connect with friends and family over a meal that is out of this world.  It truly is a combination of all of these things and then some.


Reconnecting with Visitors in Jacksonville


It is the time of the year when family gets together again to share quality time, enjoy great meals, and reconnect.  This is what happens every year during the holiday season, whether it be during Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other special day.  These are the times when we get to all come together as one, share stories of the past year, have some laughs, and take in the entire scene.


One of the best places to do just that is at Marker 32.  The reason is simple, it creates and sets an atmosphere where the social traits in all of us come out in very positive ways.  The restaurant creates this setting where everyone feels comfortable, yet formal at the same time.  You feel as though you have left your world behind when you walk through the doors of Marker 32 and prepare yourself for the great evening ahead.


Treating Visitors to Local Seafood


Not too many restaurants can honestly say that they serve up locally caught seafood.  That is exactly what Marker 32 does, though, and what makes it such a special place for visitors in Jacksonville, FL.  Say you have visitors in from a city like Fairfield, OH.  They want to try out the local seafood.  Why bring them to a chain restaurant when all that they are going to be serving up is frozen seafood shipped halfway across the country?  You want to give them the local flavor, the local flair, and what it is all about to eat quality, locally caught Florida seafood.


The classically trained chefs at Marker 32 are going to deliver on that with some dishes that are out of this world.  The creations that they come up with, whether it be the raw bar with shrimp cocktail, oysters on the half shell, or the more unique creations like M32 Broiled Oysters and Seared Blue Crab Cakes are going to have your taste buds running wild.


Showing Your Visitors Jacksonville


You want a restaurant that is going to show guests what Jacksonville, FL is all about.  That is what Marker 32 represents. It has been a pillar in the community for so long because of the amazing food that it serves and the great atmosphere that it creates on a daily basis.  The wait and bar staff are always there to make you and your guests feel right at home.  This type of setting is one where you can show your visitors what this city stands for and what makes it special to you and your family.
There is a reason as to why Marker 32 continues to rate so highly on OpenTable, Tripadvisor, and plenty of those other review sites.  It is because it consistently delivers quality seafood in an amazing atmosphere day in and day out.  The locally caught seafood at Marker 32 will give you a chance to show your visitors the local flavor and what a real Jacksonville atmosphere is like.  Our restaurant is here to showcase this city in the best way possible to any visitor that may pop in on a holiday or any other day of the year.