A great piece of fish can be served alone, but why should it? When serving seafood, it can be difficult to find the perfect side to compliment your entrée. Oh boy, do we have a secret to share with you! Anything with the right seasonings can go with seafood. If you still don’t know where to start with your side dishes, have no fear, because we have some mouthwatering suggestions:


DIY Sides


Grilled Potato Salad – What goes well with some yummy grilled fish? Grilled potato salad! Since seafood is typically a lighter entrée, don’t be afraid to add some carbs on the side. Grilling your potato salad adds a tasty twist to your regular potato salad and it’ll complement fish so nicely.

Roasted Corn Kabobs – If you’re looking for a lighter side option, there are plenty of delicious veggie options you can go with. Roasted corn kabobs is just one of the many. To put it simply, they’re basically grilled corn on the cob with the addition of red pepper. Red pepper is a spice that is sure to compliment any fish!

Orange Roasted Asparagus – Citrus on vegetables is a must try this season! It’s a perfect side for any seafood dish and your guests will love it. The tangy orange gives a sweet sensation to cool off the spice or blackening that may be used in your entrée. Orange roasted asparagus is a super simple recipe that would be delicious with any fish dish.


Marker 32 Sides


Smoky Creamed Kale – Any kale lovers out there? This is for you. Smoky creamed kale is a Marker 32 specialty! The creamy greens pair deliciously with any seafood dish and they’re a must-try when you visit us next. We highly recommend this side with any of our shrimp entrees.

Brown Butter Mushrooms – Here’s proof everything’s better with butter! This is another must-try Marker 32 specialty, especially if you’re a mushroom person. A rich yet simple side that complements any of our main dishes. Stop by today to try to our delicious combination of brown butter mushrooms and seared scallops.

Truffled Arugula Fries – Hands down, best fries you’ll ever try. These are a Marker 32 classic that’s a match made in heaven with any of our main courses. You can never go wrong with a side of fries, especially if they’re truffle fries.


Don’t be afraid to experiment with seafood sides as you can adjust any recipe to go with your entrée. Add a glass or two of wine and you’re all set! If you can’t seem to figure it out, come to Marker 32 and see how it’s done. Join our classically-trained chefs, knowledgeable bar and wait staff to experience fresh food made well.