One of the most traditional and more romantic ways of asking someone to marry you is in the middle of a restaurant. When you are planning a wedding proposal at a restaurant, what are some of the things that you want to think about? You certainly want to think about what you have to do to plan it all out, you want to have the ring ready, you want to know what you are going to be saying, and everything in-between. If you are planning a wedding proposal at a restaurant, there really is no restaurant better than Marker 32. Marker 32 is one of the premier Jacksonville, FL dining destinations and for good reason. The atmosphere at the restaurant, the food, everything else all leads to the ideal situation for you to execute your proposal.  

What you want when you are planning a wedding proposal at a restaurant is that you want a restaurant that is going to work with you, not against you. This means a restaurant that is willing to take your phone call and go over the plan with you ahead of time. You certainly never want to go into a restaurant blind without telling them ahead of time that you are going to be doing a wedding proposal there. When you are planning a proposal, attention to details is what is going to make all of the difference in the world.


Planning Ahead Matters


Planning ahead really does matter when you are starting to get ready for your wedding proposal at a restaurant. The first thing that we tell all of our guests that are thinking about doing something like this is to call us ahead of time. Reach out to us at Marker 32 so that we can discuss with you what the different options are. Let us see what we can offer you in terms of amenities.


Our goal is to make your night as special as possible. When we can work with you to make that wedding proposal go ideal, it is going to create just an awestruck experience not only for you and your loved one, but also for every other guest that is there to witness it. Some restaurants are going to be able to help you with special plates, come up with unique ways to pop the question, among other things. Plan ahead by reaching out to us at Marker 32 so we can see what we can do for you.


A Special Menu


What if you and your loved one has a certain seafood dish that you absolutely love, but it is not on the menu? Perhaps the restaurant that you choose can make up a special menu for the occasion. Whether they can print it up specific to you and the occasion or just make sure that they have the dish that you are looking for available, that will make the night that much more special. You could even use the menu as a way to help you propose to your loved one. Imagine him or her scanning the menu only to find that the proposal is written right on there with the other dishes and such.


Do a Trial Run


We can work with you at Marker 32 so that you can maybe do a trial run of how you want the night to play out. Come in with a friend and see how it will go, where the table will be located, what the food will be like, picture how the entire evening is going to play out. This can help you ease your mind a great deal as you are already going to know what you should expect.
A wedding proposal is something that is going to be a memory that lasts a lifetime. When you properly plan out your wedding proposal the chances of it going successfully are going to greatly increase. Do the things such as reaching out to the restaurant ahead of time. Think about some of the more unique ways that you can pop the question, even do a trial run if you can make it work. When it is all said and done, planning a proposal at a restaurant is likely to end up as one of the greatest meals and nights of you and your loved one’s life. Let us at Marker 32 work with you to help you create a once in a lifetime experience.