We take a great deal of pride in knowing that our restaurant has made such a name for itself in such a short period of time. On OpenTable we were the winner of the Diners’ Choice award for 2015. We accomplished this not just because of one item on our menu, but because of the entire package that we deliver to all of our guests.  This includes everything from the appetizers to the entrees, from our customer service to our atmosphere.  

When guests walk through the doors of Marker 32 we truly want them to be able to leave the world behind them and enjoy a meal that they have never experienced before.  We have chefs that are classically-trained and this has allowed them to put together some of the most amazing appetizers that our guests have ever seen.  The reviews among so many of our appetizers are out of this world and we thought it important to highlight a few of the more popular appetizers on our menu you simply need to try tonight.

M32 Signature Bruschetta

The first appetizer that has to absolutely be mentioned here is the M32 Signature Bruschetta. When you read any of the many reviews that we have out on Yelp, you’ll see that this is one appetizer that gets called out time and time again. It has goat and feta cheese on it, along with marinated tomatoes, and an olive tapenade. The mixture makes for an amazing taste that is great to pair up with any liquor or wine. This is one of the best social appetizers that we have out there for those looking to share a taste of something before the main entrees arrive with a group.

Fried Green Tomatoes

So many people absolutely love our Fried Green Tomatoes and for very good reason. The mixture here is a combination of house bacon with Florida white cheddar pimento. It is that amazing combination of sweet and salty taste along with that fried batter that is simply to die for.

M32 Broiled Oysters

Our M32 Broiled Oysters is another guest favorite. The secret here is what we put with the oysters to make them have so much taste. Oysters are something that you either love or hate, but even if you dislike normal oysters, there is a good chance that you are going to love these. There are reviews out there online that echo this exact sentiment. These oysters have bacon, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, as well as pecorino on top of that to bring out some truly amazing flavor.

The next time that you visit our restaurant think about these three appetizers and trying a few of them out. Whether you want to enjoy them alone or share them in a group, they have taste and flavor that you’ll soon be raving about.