Whether it’s your first date or 20 years into marriage, having great dates keeps the love alive. Taking your loved one out for a good meal, especially at Marker 32, is the best way to spend time with them and enjoy each other’s company. A night out on the town gives both of you a reason to dress up, get excited and enjoy a wonderful evening. Here are a few tips to guarantee your date night goes off without a hitch:



  • Plan in Advance


Preparation is key to having a date night go smoothly. Whether you’re going to see a film or eating at your favorite restaurant, you can always prepare. For the movies, buy tickets in advance so you two can skip the line and get all the treats and popcorn you want in plenty of time. If you want to dazzle your date with a nice meal, make reservations to avoid any wait time. These little preparations will be sure to impress your loved one. If your date night falls on a Friday or Saturday, these preparations are a must. Crowds are definitely a mood killer, so keep your date alive and plan ahead to avoid the mess of a long wait!



  • Appropriate Attire


Dress to impress definitely applies in the dating world. A nice date calls for a nice outfit. Depending on what’s on the agenda, jeans and a t-shirt likely won’t cut it. A nice outfit lets your date know you want them to feel valued.

Trimming your beard, ironing your shirt or putting on some lipstick says a lot about you. Your date wants to know that you’re putting your best foot forward for them. If this is one of many dates for you and your significant other, throw on a shirt you know they love. It’s the little things that count the most.


  • Flattery Goes a Long Way


Dates can be tricky, but if your date reassures you that you look nice, you’ll feel more at ease and your significant other will feel more comfortable. It works both ways too, if your date is looking beautiful/handsome, let them know! Everyone loves to feel valued, especially by someone they care about. The whole date is set up for the two of you to show each other you’re special, so don’t just let the venue or the food do the talking, speak up and let them know how important they are to you!


  • Drink Menus are Your Best Friend


Celebrate appropriately with your favorite wine, a new-to-you craft beer or a special dessert for the two of you to share. Whatever you prefer, show your date a good time and start the night off on the right foot. Cut the nerves in half with your favorite go-to drink or something new and surprising. If this is a date with a long-time significant other, change things up by trying something new. Who knows, you two may just love it!


Dating is such a fun way to show someone you care about them. In order to make sure your evening goes as planned and ends with a kiss, be sure to follow these tips! It’s very helpful to know how your evening should go, and take the pressure off of coming up with ideas on the fly. Be prepared, dress accordingly, flatter your company and order a few drinks and/or a nice dessert. Cheers!